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Father Aurel Jivi was born in Chişoda, county of Timiş, Romania, on August 2, 1943. He took his first degree from the Sibiu Theological Institute in 1967 and then a master’s degree in Theology from McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago in 1973. He completed his doctoral studies at the Bucharest Theological Institute in 1982, with a dissertation about “Orthodoxy in America”. He became a full-time professor at the Sibiu Theological Institute, Department of Universal Church History, in 1983; he also taught at the Faculty of Theology in Oradea, and lectured for several universities in the US and Britain. He was ordained an Orthodox priest in 1993. He wrote extensively on topics related to his field of research, but he was also a proficient translator. He passed away in Sibiu, in 2002. May he rest in peace!

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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Recommended reading:

Canons of the Orthodox Church is an Orthodox website containing an electronic version of a book by Archd. Prof. Dr. Ioan N. Floca, Canoanele Bisericii Ortodoxe (a book published by Editura Institutului Bibilic şi de Misiune a Bisericii Ortodoxe Române in 1993 and republished in 2005 by Deisis). Unfortunately, the website is in Romanian, but we could try to translate a few excerpts into English (please contact me if you would like to volunteer!)

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